BTEC Performing Arts

91ߣƵ Deane's has a stunning theatre complex and dance studio that is the jewel in the crown of this exciting performance-based course. You’ll learn in professional-style surroundings that will enhance your experience of this exciting subject.

This course offers you a specialist qualification with an ‘industry focus’.

It includes developing skills in acting, movement and singing as well as performance skills and working with a live audience. The majority of the course is assessed through practical assignments, including workshops and rehearsals as well as performing. This is often accompanied by the compilation of portfolios of evidence to support criteria achieved – there is no formal examination.

Input from industry professionals, in the form of workshops, talks and visits, form an integral part of the course.

You will also get the opportunity to take part in the wealth of productions and performances that take place in College – whether a large-scale musical production or more intimate performances.

It is essential that you go to see as wide a range as possible of live theatre and performance events through organised College trips and visits of your own.

91ߣƵ Deane’s has a thriving Performing Arts department with the chance to get involved both on stage and behind the scenes.

We stage many high quality performances ranging from large scale production to more intimate nights of theatre, music and dance. Recent productions include Return to the Forbidden Planet, Our Country’s Good, Guys and Dolls, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Miss Saigon.

We also have a number of theatre trips throughout the year across the North West and further afield as well as the chance to attend workshops with external practitioners working within the Performing Arts industry.

Your studies will enable you to develop skills needed to progress to a specialist performing arts college or university course – and ultimately a career in the performing arts industry. This is an insightful, challenging, confidence building and creative subject that develops a wide variety of highly desirable and marketable skills – something that will be of immense value in other subjects and eventually the world of work.

Musical Theatre Techniques

Singing Techniques for Performers

Acting Styles

Developing Skills and Techniques for Performance

Group Performance Workshop


Musical Theatre Techniques

In this unit, you will develop the skills required to be a musical theatreperformer by participating intechnique classes, rehearsals and finalperformance. By learning about the key features of musicaltheatre performance you will develop an understanding of the skills and techniques required tocreate a successful performance. You will reflect on your progress as you develop skills andtechniques in acting, singing and dance, setting targets and reviewing your progress.

Singing Techniques for Performers

In this unit, you will develop the skills required to be a singer by participating in technique classes,rehearsal and performance pieces. You will learn about the structure and physiology of the singingvoice and develop an understanding of how the sound is produced. You will develop a repertoire ofboth solo and ensemble pieces as you develop the appropriate technical and performance skillsrequired to be a singer. Throughout your learning anddevelopmentyou will be taught how toreflect on your progress and practice which will support your development

Acting Styles

This unit will introduce you to the basic differences of a range of styles of theatre and theapproaches of theatre practitioners. You will take part in workshops that explore acting styles,techniques and practices used by different theatre practitioners in their work. This will enable youto create character, interpret lines and develop your vocal and physical skills while rehearsing andperforming a text or devising original work. Throughout your learning anddevelopmentyou willreflect on your progress and practice, which will support your development as an actor

Developing Skills and Techniques for Performance

In this unit, you will develop the appropriate skills and techniques for a performance discipline, specialising in either physical theatre or musical theatre. You will participate in regular workshops, classes and exercises where you will acquire, practise and develop the necessary technical, practical and interpretative performance skills to help you succeed when performing live to an audience. You will work with existing performance works, analysing and interpreting the material in order to understand and apply the relevant skills and techniques appropriate to the style

Group Performance Workshop

In this unit, you will learn how to respond to a given stimulus as part of a group, using research,discussion and practical exploration to develop performance material and later present an informalpresentation of the work to an invited audience. The work may be in a single discipline or combine elements of dance, acting, musicaltheatre and variety. You will reflect on the development process, considering the success andpotential of the work for further development, as well as evaluating your own contribution to theprocess and the product. To complete the assessment tasks within this unit, you will need todraw on your learning from across your programme.

Students will be encouraged to explore a broad range of genres and styles within Performing Arts. In order to develop a good understanding of the demands of a performer, we strongly recommend watching as many live performances as possible.

Study Level

BTEC Extended Certificate

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Miss R Homer

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