BTEC Information Technology offers learners a modern, work-related qualification which opens the door to higher education and a career. It builds high-level skills such as teamwork, creative thinking and presentation skills and develops independent research and study skills.

BTEC IT is a broad and varied course that offers a range of opportunities for students to develop an understanding of Information Technology and it’s uses in the business environment.

In year 12, students will study social media for business, an exciting project that explores the use of social media by businesses by looking at case studies of organisations who have built their success using social media and undertaking practical tasks that demonstrate the impact that effective use of social media can have on a project. The coursework assignment pairs students with local businesses, where they develop a 3-4 post social media campaign which will increase customer engagement for the organisation. In the past students have worked with The Mere, Cheshire Boats and Eurwarm.

Year 12 also offers students the opportunity to develop their understanding or relational database systems. A part of managing information systems, students learn the skill required to create a logical database structure while gaining the hands on, practical experience of create database systems for a range of businesses.

In year 13, students develop knowledge of a range of different elements of IT including hardware, software, network development and the moral and ethical implications of the IT systems we use today. Students advance their written skills while cultivating an understanding of how IT impacts both businesses and individuals around the world.

Year 13 brings further opportunity to work alongside local businesses, our website development unit will allow students to foster their understanding of the fundamentals of website development while developing the practical skills needed to create interactive business websites. Working with a local business, students will design, develop and create a fully functional business webpage that incorporates a range of useful features such as customer contact forms.

Students have many opportunities outside of the classroom to develop links with local businesses and professionals, this is vital in strengthening understanding the course content while developing and enhancing your CV.

Students are encouraged to expand their own learning by taking part in a variety of online courses, with students in the past gaining certificates in Digital Marketing from Google Garage and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Helsinki.

Many Information Technology students go on to study Information Technology related courses in Higher Education. However, the course has been developed in conjunction with leading businesses and universities in order to deliver the skills and knowledge required by employers and we have many students who have secured places of apprenticeship schemes including Bentley, Barclays and ATOS.

Social Media for Business- Coursework, 90 Guided Learning Hours

Creating Systems to Manage Information- Controlled Assessment, 90 Guided Learning Hours

Information Technology Systems- Written Exam- 90 Guided Learning Hours

Website Development- Coursework, 60 Guided Learning Hours


Unit 1: Information and Technology Systems
Learners study the fundamentals of IT systems to gain an in-depth understanding of a wide variety of topics including, digital devices, operating online, impact of IT systems and transmitting data. Students will complete a two hour written exam based assessment for this unit.

Unit 2: Creating Systems to Manage information
Learners study the design, creation, testing and evaluation of a relational database system to manage information. Students will be given a background and design brief for a business and develop a system to fit the requirements under controlled conditions.

Unit 3: Using Social Media in Business
Learners explore how businesses use social media to promote their products and services. Students will plan, prepare and implement social media activities for a given business and assess how successful the methods were in optimising the online presence of the business. This assessment will be set and marked internally.

Unit 4: Website Development
Learners study the design, creation and testing of a multimedia website. Students plan, prepare, develop and test a multimedia website for a given business or organisation. This assessment will be set and marked internally.

Find and identify a business that has used Social Media advertising, this could be via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or YouTube and answer the following:
• What company was the campaign for?
• What was the campaign advertising?
• What social media platforms were used?
• What features did the campaign have? (Examples could be viral video or a hash tag on Twitter)
• Comment on whether, in your opinion, the campaign was successful.
• Describe at least one improvement you would make to the campaign.
Present your findings using any format you prefer, for example, you could write an essay, design a poster or create a leaflet discussing the campaign that you have researched.

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